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Best food delivery in Cape Town

Simple Sushi

Nigiri 2pc

Salmon / Tuna / Prawn

Maki 6pc

Salmon / Tuna / Prawn

Sashimi 3pc/5pc

Salmon / Tuna

California roll 4pc

Salmon / Tuna / Prawn

Salmon roses 4pc


Inari 2 pc

7 spice, spring onion and mayo mixed with spicy salmon / tuna / prawn or plain in a bean curd pocket filled with rice.

seaweed handroll 1pc

Salmon avo / tuna avo / prawn avo / tempura prawn avo

cucumber handroll 1pc

Salmon avo / tuna avo / prawn avo / tempura prawn avo

Getting Creative

Seared chilli tuna nigiri 4pc

Dressed with jalepeno ponzu dressing

Seared salmon grenades 4pc

Seared Salmon roses with salmon tatar and tempura crunch served with teriyaki and 7 spice

New style salmon or tuna sashimi 5pc

Sliced salmon or tuna with garlic, ginger, chilli, red onion and spring onion with a ponzu sauce

Seared tuna sashimi 5pc

Seared with seven spices and black pepper with spicy sesame dressing

Crispy rice 4pc

Grilled sushi rice, topped with spicy salmon or tuna tartar or prawn tartar

Catch Mayo if you can 4pc

Salmon or Tuna black pepper seared with avo topped more seared tuna / salmon finished with 7 spice, sesame seeds, sesame oil, spring onion served with chilli mayo on the side

Do the salmon salsa

Mixed vegetable salsa topped with Salmon sashimi, avo, pickled ginger and cherry tomatoes finished with 7 spice, sesame seeds, sesame oil and a jalapeño dressing

Seared tataki sashimi 6pc

Thinly sliced black pepper seared salmon / tuna on a bed of iceberg lettuce with avo topped with sesame seeds, 7 spice and spring onion served with peanut dressing on the side

Fresh prince of Poke

R 86
Salmon tartare on a bed of rice with sesame seeds and spring onion accompanied by edamame beans, diced avocados, red cabbage, sliced cucumber, plenty of coriander and finished with burnt leeks topped off with our famous Sriracha soy sauce.

The Dancing Mexican (Poke)

R 105
6 chili mayo rock shrimp tempura on a bed of rice, sesame seeds and spring onion with shibui salsa, pickled radish, avo, bean curd strips and cucumbers lightly drizzled with sriracha sauce and topped with monks famous roasted cashews. Served with sriracha soy dressing.


Rainbow reloaded 4pc

Salmon California roll wrapped salmon and tuna topped with mayo, caviar, seven spice, teriyaki sauce, sesame oil and spring onions

4x4 8pc

4pc Rainbow reloaded, 4pc spicy tuna California roll topped with creamy rock shrimp tempura

Fashion sandwich reloaded 4pc

Veg / Salmon / Tuna & avo fashion sandwich topped with mayo, caviar finished with 7 spice, sesame seeds, sesame oil, spring onion drizzled with teriyaki sauce

Prawn star roll 5pc

Tempura prawn & avocado california roll wrapped with avo topped with chilli mayo, seven spice and sesame oil finished with sesame seeds, spring onion and tempura crumbs served with teriyaki sauce

Tempura prawn roll 4pc

Tempura prawn California roll topped with avocado, mayo and sweet chilli sauce

Double trouble roll 4pc

Salmon or tuna and avocado roll topped with spicy tartar and tempura crunch

Cucumber roll 5pc

Salmon and tuna, avocado, carrots, red pepper, wrapped in cucumber topped with with mayo, caviar and sesame seeds (rice free)

Prawn cucumber roll 5pc

Salmon, prawn and avocado, wrapped in cucumber topped with mayo, caviar and sesame seeds (rice free)

Vegetarian roll 5pc

Lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, pickled carrots, pickled raddish, shiitake mushroom, avocado and inari wrapped in rice and seaweed

Crunch roll 5pc

Salmon or Tuna tempura california roll with cream cheese topped with sweet chilli sauce and mayo

Spicy Tuna rock shrimp roll 4pc

Spicy tuna california roll topped with spicy creamy rock shrimp

Tiger roll 4pc

Prawn and avo california rolls wrapped with prawn and avo topped with sesame seeds served with wasabi mayo on the side

Hot rainbow roll 4pc

Salmon / tuna california roll wrapped with salmon / tuna and avo topped with 7 spice, sesame seeds, spring onion drizzled with sesame oil and sriracha sauce topped with dried seaweed.

Shibui rolls

Crystal roll 6pc

Rice paper wrap with lettuce, coriander, cucumbers, avo and pickled carrots served with an asian dipping sauce (fish sauce, lime juice, red chilli, garlic and coriander)

Sriracha roll 8pc

Spicy salmon tartare and cream cheese topped with seared salmon, mayo, spring onions, seven spices, sesame seeds and sriracha sauce.


Silver platter 25 pc

Salmon and tuna nigiri x4 Salmon California x8 Prawn maki x6 Salmon sashimi x3 Salmon roses x4

Gold platter 50 pc

Salmon roses x8 Salmon California roll x8 Seared tuna chilli nigiri x8 Crispy rice salmon x4 Rainbow roll x8 Tuna crunch roll x10 Prawn tempura roll x4

Platinum platter 100 pc

Salmon roses x10 Prawn California x8 Salmon sashimi x10 Seared tuna chilli nigiri x8Crispy rice roll x8 4x4 x16 Prawn cucumber roll x10 Tuna crunch roll x10 Crystal roll x12 Tempura prawn rollx4